Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big Secret Revealed

A week ago I blogged about Autumn and I stepping down from our respective roles in ministry. I really didn't go in to much detail, but promised I would later. I am finally getting back to that follow up.

The fact is, I am not really sure how to clearly provide an answer that truly explains our life and what is going on. I know I don't have to, but I certainly want you to understand what is going on in our life.

The best way I can describe it, is by returning to a post I wrote a while back. In October I wrote this post about the priorities in my life. The best way to describe our decision is to say that we were falling away from the priorities that are important to us.

Is that to say we didn't like what we were doing? No. The reality is that we have things going on in our life that we are working through (doesn't everyone!). As we loose sight of our priorities, it makes it harder to over come these things in our life. It makes it harder for me to help Autumn with her issues. It makes it harder for Autumn to help me with my issues.

We realized that if we are going to be effective in ministry over the long haul, we have to work on the most important stuff now. We truly believe that once we work through this time in our lives, God will renew us and recharge us so that we are ready to develop a ministry that will meet the most people for Christ.

In the meantime, find us on a Sunday morning and say Hi. You are welcome to sit with us and truly enjoy worship with us as we hear great words from God.

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