Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eschew Obfuscation or Killing Cockroaches?

I recently had the opportunity to read a pre-release of Tony Morgan's new book, Killing Cockroaches and Other Scattered Musings on Leadership.

If you recall, I had the rare opportunity to interview Tony last month, you can see the highlights of that interview here. As one of the lucky 200 who were closely following his twitters, I had a chance to grab a pre-release of the book to read and review. So here are some thought that I had about the book:

There is a common humorous statement, especially among English teachers which goes like this... "I want to eschew obfuscation." This is simply translated as "I want to avoid miscommunication." That is the problem with our society, is that we have overcomplicated our language.

This, unfortunately, has been carried over into book writing way to much. I also think, that when you introduce biblical topics or leadership topics, it gets even worse.

That is why I Love Tony's books! He has taken the very complicated and intelligent leadership skills that he has learned over the years and shared them with us in a very clear and simple way that we can all understand. In the same writing styles of the Simply Strategic Series, Tony keeps the chapters short and focused on the specific leadership topic at hand. Killing Cockroaches covers a broad number of topics, so this is a book that has application in the church, in the private sector, public sector, military sector...well just about anywhere. The concepts are real life and written in such a way that it makes it easy to apply it, or a variation of it, to your own life and situation.

This is one of those books that I will read and re-read over and over, and keep very handy. It will be more like a tool in my arsenal when trying to be a better leader.

Let me encourage you to check it out. You can learn more about it on Tony's website here or through Amazon here.

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