Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thinkback

Here are a few random thoughts I had from this week:

  • Autumn was gone at a Women's Retreat.
  • I really missed her while she was gone.
  • I am glad I got to spend some great time with the boys.
  • This was a long time coming.
  • I missed church on Sunday.
  • I really missed being at church on Sunday.
  • I listened to Dave's message online.
  • I guess I truly took the sabbath to the fullest this last weekend.
  • You know how when you miss church, you don't quite feel powered during the week.
  • I am still excited about the Easter series...but I can't tell you the name of it yet... you will just have to wait.
  • I am glad Autumn is home. We are having a good week.
  • Wednesday night is the new date night.
  • I love date night!
  • Do you have a date night? If not, find one... you deserve it!
  • I am looking forward to this week. Should be a great message.
  • I have a soccer tournament to referee this weekend.
  • I enjoy refereeing soccer...good exercise, good money and good fun.
  • I will see ya at the early service Sunday!

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