Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brush with your Bible?!?

Every day it is important to brush your teeth at least two times and to floss your teeth, or so says my Dentist. I am usually pretty good about the brushing, but sometimes struggle with the flossing. As a result, I have mild cases of gingivitis that I am constantly struggling with.

Why share with you that information?

Well, I am reminded regularly by my dentist that no matter how hard I brush this time, I can't stop. I have to continue to brush and floss every single day. If I stop, then bacteria has a chance to infect my teeth and gums, causing infection.

Hang in there with me, but tonight while I was flossing God slapped me upside the head. As I was flossing and hating every minute of it, God reminded me that is exactly how our relationship with him can be. If we don't clean our minds daily with time with God, then bacteria has a chance to enter our life and create infections.

The solution? The same regiment that is good for our teeth is good for our soul. Daily doses of time with God is the only solution to keeping out the bacterias of this world.

So, go and brush your soul with the word!

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