Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Blog?

Does anyone really know the answer why we would put our hearts and our thoughts out for the public to view? I don't really know that there is a general answer to this question. I think for each individual it may be slightly different.

Some blog as part of their business, rather as a teaching tool. For others it is a form of evangelism, or possibly away to become closer with those that aren't in our "inner circle". Who really knows?

I know, you are asking....okay Jason, then why are you blogging? I guess it is a few reasons. First, I think it forces me to take time out of my day to slow down and "smell the keyboard". Second, if I can begin thinking about life as potential blogs (much like Pastors think about life as potential sermon illustrations) I think I will appreciate and take in the things that normally pass me by. Lastly, maybe...just maybe, God can work through me and use something I say to help another brother or sister through a similar experience, or possibly to reach a non-believer that would not have been reached through normal channels.

I already feel like life has slowed down...okay that moment has passed. I guess now you understand why I named my blog Unique Thoughts of a Mundane Life. If not, I imagine you soon will.