Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thinkback

Here are a few random thoughts that I have from this last week and into the weekend:
  • The music sounded awesome on Sunday!
  • I was doing sound and it STILL sounded awesome!
  • I missed the last 2 weeks of I listened to all 3 services to make up for it!
  • The ride out with the CHP this weekend was a blast!
  • Thanks Adam for the ride along! Can't wait for next time...
  • I feel really good this week.
  • God has been present this week and I welcome Him openly.
  • Had a quick lunch with my dad yesterday. I always enjoy those.
  • Went and visited my niece and her parents (my sister) this weekend.
  • It is amazing how much a baby grows in just 3 months.
  • Our friends had their baby on Friday.
  • That birth was a miracle in of itself, not to mention the miracle known as Brady!
  • Are we going to have a third? No. Right Autumn?
  • Big plans this weekend? Not for us.
  • Finally get to work on the yard this weekend. Really tired of looking at the mess.
  • Of course, it is going to rain all weekend which means I won't get the yard done.
  • I guess I will just have to relax in the dry indoors.
  • See y'all on Sunday!

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