Monday, March 2, 2009


A few weeks ago our microwave blew up. OK, so it didn't actually blow up, but it did make some pretty scary sounds and then stopped cooking things we put in it. So, we decided that it had met the end of its 17 year life and it was time to get a new one.

We wasted very little time in looking for a replacement. The problem... it had to be ordered.

So for about a week we lived without a microwave. It was quite an interesting experience. Something as simple as a microwave completely upset our routine. Now, we don't live on microwave dinners...especially if you know my wife...she is a great cook!

However, we did not realize how much we relied on the microwave. Defrost this...pop some of that... reheat more of this... and so on. With out, we had to plan out everything we do. If we are having left overs, we have to reheat on the stove. If we want popcorn, we have to go to Target to buy some from the snack bar.

It seems that we had come so comfortable in our need for the microwave we forgot the true value that it offered to our family.

Isn't that how our relationship with God is sometimes? We knew how great he was for us when we connected with Him. However, sometimes we just become too comfortable with Him and we forget His true value to our lives He is. My prayer this week for me is that I never become comfortable with God. That I always remember the value He has on my life and the life of my family.

How about you?

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