Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sound bytes

I had the privelage of attending all 3 services today, I was doing sound. I thought I would share with a few thoughts I had from the day.

Here are some quotes from the say or some random thoughts I had:

If you were here first service, you woild have seen a small group do the wave, pretty cool.
"Just trust in me [God]"
"God does not want to be a slice of your life, he wants to be your life"
"The commandments are not about rules, but about honor... Honoring others."
"Honoring your parents is the testing ground to honoring others."
"Honoring someone means to honor their life"
"The average 16 year old will have seen 40,000 TV murders!" - that is a crazy stat!
"God has a purpose for every single human life."
"Men, it is time to man up for all the times you have intimidated someone into a decision."
"Honor means to honor someone's marriage."
"God knows we are going to fail in keeping the commandments, but He says hang in there because He has hope in us."
"Testifying falsely is sacrificying someone else for my own benefit"
"Regardless of your position or power these rules apply, as does God's grace and forgiveness."

Any thoughts?

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