Monday, June 30, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

Here are some thoughts I had through out the last day:
  • Monday mornings...these have come to be a very exhausting time.
  • Monday Madness...just getting started and its almost lunchtime.
  • New Blog Post: It doesn't matter!
  • Starting to get in a groove...lets hope I don't get any interuptions.
  • gettin ready for dinner....then off to St. Arbucks for some "quiet time" and then coffee with a friend.
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It doesn't matter!

As I am sure some of you know by now, I am the type that likes to analyze and debrief things so that I can learn from something and move forward. The problem with sometimes I like to over analyze or be overly critical of something if it isn't "our best".

That is what I started to do yesterday after church in reviewing the day. I began to look at all the little things that didn't go well through out the day. Then God hit me upside the head, and through a number of conversations I came to this doesn't matter!

Do you want to know what really matters:
  • We had service indoors, thanks to a huge team of people (not me) working late every night to make sure the sanctuary would be ready for sunday morning.
  • The sanctuary looks awesome and people were pumped (all the ones I spoke with or overheard) with the new look and excited to be there.
  • Worship rocked and the sound was great!
  • Pastor Dave delivered an awesome message!
  • 21 people gave their lives over to Christ.

Do we want to reflect and learn from our past and our mistakes. Sure. I think there is great value in debriefing after an event. However, I think it is important that in doing so, we don't loose sight of what is really important: People far from God, find God!

It doesn't get much simpler then that. If we accomplished that, and I think we did yesterday, then it was a great day! See ya next Sunday!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

Here are some thoughts I had through out the last day:
  • New Blog Post: Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!
  • Get Smart was a good movie. I enjoyed it...I love date night.
  • tired....going to bed. Big day tomorrow...back inside the remodeled sanctuary...can't wait!
  • - Our New Sanctuary!
  • Even with tech Rocked!...People were saved! God rejoiced!
  • in-laws called, taking us to Mexican food. I have great in-laws...
  • Did I mention I am going to Mexican food...for FREE...God is Good!
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

Here are some thoughts I had through out the last day:
  • New Blog Post: Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!
  • playing couples poker....these women are killing me!
  • up late...lost at I am gettin old!
  • Date night: eattin dinner at Cool Hand Luke's and then a movie. Life is good.
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

Here are some thoughts I had through out the last day:
  • New Blog Post: Funny Friday Fun
  • life hits yeah when u least expect it.
  • Picin up my daughter from school on its Hot out!
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Funny Friday Fun

Every Friday I post a video that is funny or fun or just plain enjoyable to watch. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be something enjoyable, if you don't find it funny or enjoyable, then please turn it off.
I didn't make them, I simply shared them. Chill out a bit will ya!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

Here are some thoughts I had through out the last day:
  • New Blog Post: Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!
  • New Blog Post: Welcome Series...Part 3
  • the day got away from did that happen?
  • this afternoon has definitely gotten better. Big improvement to this morning.
  • man, the remodel looks awesome! I can't wait for Sunday!
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Welcome Series...Part 3

Welcome Ministries...Part 3 in our series! I have posted twice before about it, here and here, if you want to go read them before we get started.

Today I want to talk about the experience. One of the things we do in Welcome Ministries is plan the "experience" that we want our guests to, well, experience.

It is important to point out that we are not stagging the experience. There is a difference.

You have watched movies, such as Ground Hog Day, where the main character has stagged the whole day to win the girl, because he has practiced it to perfection. The girl clearly does not have a chance, because he is playing on her every desire.

That is clearly NOT what we want to do. We do not want to "trick" people into a relationship with Christ. That would be both wrong and immoral.

What we want to do is simply remove the obstacles that prevent them from finding Christ. How do we do that? We plan the experience.

We dream big. We dream of a great experience that would allow people to find Christ and His loving grace. Once we have done this, then we begin to find the the things that would distract from that experience and eliminate them.

How do we plan experience? We ask a lot of questions and pray...a lot! Who am I to determine what our guests should experience. What works for me, may not work for you. However, when you ask questions...of our guests and regular attenders you learn what works. When you bring in a secret shopper to evaluate the church "systems" you learn what doesn't work. When you take those things to prayer together you learn what God wants for your church...I hope.

In the end, no matter how hard we prepare, it is God at work that makes the difference. All we can do is prepare our fields for rain...and then pray for rain!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

Here are some thoughts I had through out the last day:
  • 21:15 New Blog Post: Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!
  • 08:15 New Blog Post: Playing with Trucks!
  • 09:30 its wednesday already? What have I gotten done? Aahhhh
  • 11:44 ok. I am way behind....on everything. Today is task list & priority setting day!
  • 11:47 that bad news or good news? hehehe
  • 15:54 Working the o.t. trying to get ahead of the work.
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Playing with Trucks!

First you need a list of ingredients:
  • Dirt (most important)
  • Tonka Trucks (the bigger and the more metal the better)
  • 2 Boys with great imaginations
  • 1 dad not afraid to act silly (I think thats me!)
If you put all of that together and give up some very important "time" that I could be getting something done, and you have a memorable moment that will last forever...

Lat night I got to hang out with the boys while Autumn was out playing bunko(is there a guy out there who really understands it anyway?), we got bored and couldn't decide what to do.

We started with the boys riding some bikes and then we decided to go to the back yard. Once back there, they began playing in the dirt with their trucks. So I jumped in with them as the "backhoe" operator and provided them with a steady stream of fresh dirt to fill their dump trucks. We probably only played for about 15-20 minutes before they were ready to go inside and watch a movie or play a game.

As we were walking inside, my youngest said "thanks for playing with us, daddy"!

Earlier that evening, I was trying to decide if they could watch a movie, so I could get some computer work done. Instead, I took 20 minutes out of my day to crawl around in the dirt with my boys.

Did we talk about anything profound? No
Did we solve the worlds problems? No
Did we plan out their careers? No

Did we have fun and do something that they will remember for a long time? Yes

Fathers (and mothers) ....nothing is so important that we can't take a few minutes out of our day to roll around in the dirt! The cost is minimal and the rewards are eternal!

Need to borrow a truck?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

  • 08:45 New Blog Post: Tough Negotiations #
  • 18:56 dirt...trucks...tractors...2 boys...and me...good daddy time fun! #
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Tough Negotiations

One of the things that our boys like to do, is to have a small toy on their headboard at night. It is usually a lego or hotwheel or something small that will stay on their headboard without falling off.

However, this is a reward not an expectation. They get to do this sometimes...and sometimes not.

The other night our oldest son had a lego on his headboard that he had just received as a gift. As a result, our youngest began asking if he could have a toy on his headboard. It went down a little something like this:

"Daddy, can I have a toy on my headboard?"

"Hmmm, I don't know"

"But my brother has a toy on his headboard."

"Well, he just got that as a gift"

"But Daddy, that wouldn't be fair."

"Well, sometimes life isn't fair and we don't always get the same things as our neighbors"

"Please Daddy!" (ok, that is a key-word for me)

"Ok, you can have a toy on your headboard."

"How about 3 toys?"

What? Did you hear that? It didn't take long. The small innocent child was able to successfully convince me to let him have 1 toy and once I agreed (which I had planned on doing), he immediately decided to see how far he could take that.

Our relationship with our kids has always been a great example of our relationship with God. We are so child-like in our relationship with Him. We think we know, but we really don't. We are impatient as a child on waiting on Him.

We can pray to God over and over, asking for that one small thing. God please meet this need. In His timing, God will meet that need, and sometimes our first response is, "God, can I have 3?"

The thing is, I know God won't answer that challenge. However, I don't know that I necessarily want to give it up, and here is why. There are many things that I love about having a child-like innocence to my relationship with God. Having to trust in Him to provide. Innocence of things I don't need to understand. Simple excitement when I sense His presence in my life and the life of those around me.

I guess the answer (if there is one), is through maturity in my walk with Him I need to find a balance between growing in Him (by not asking for the ridiculous) and maintaining my child-like innocence in Him.

Hmmm. I wonder how I am going to do that. Any suggestions?

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Best Baptism Day!

Yesterday was New Life's Baptism Sunday. We baptized 35 or so people (supposed to be over 40 but some people could not make it).

It was an awesome Sunday. The best part about it, for me, is that my son Jordan was baptized. Here are a couple of photos for me to brag about:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Year Through the Bible...I need help!

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks, months, years) where you were caught off guard and did something that you realize you did because you didn't really have control like you thought you did?

For some that might an unexpected affair that snuck-up on you when you didn't see you coming. Perhaps you have an addiction that you thought you had beat and then out of nowhere you are back where you started and don't know how you got there.

That was the kind of day I had the other day.

As some of you are aware, I love to do a little gambling. Autumn and I play in a home poker game once in a while, and we have fun.

When I was younger and after we first got married, I would take trips to Reno a couple times a year and have some fun at the tables. Most of the time, I was very good, responsible, etc. but every now and then, I would spend a bit more than I planned too.

Once we began having kids, as many of you know, the "fun" money dries up real quick. So we stopped going, as we felt that what little extra money we have would be better spent elsewhere. Plus I was concerned that I could become addicted to it, and I didn't want that.

I truly thought I was not addicted to gambling in any way and that it was not a problem for me. However, it snuck-up on me this last week, when I went to Reno on business. The night at the hotel, I did a little gambling...and a little gambling...and a little gambling.

Finally, I was tired enough that I forced myself away from the tables. How did that happen? How did I loose that control? How did I spend that much money? I really don't know. I didn't even think it was something I struggled with.

(Here's where the scriptural part comes in)

I went back to my room just frustrated. I was soooo hard on myself. I just wanted to cry out to God for forgiveness. Yet, I really was struggling with what to say.

Then I began my reading in the Word, and was brought to Psalm 102:

Hear my prayer, O LORD;
let my cry for help come to you.

Do not hide your face from me
when I am in distress.
Turn your ear to me;
when I call, answer me quickly.

It was then that I realized that I was in distress and I needed to seek God. I needed to turn to him for strength, guidance and wisdom and allow him to guide me with what I can do to work through this.

That is why I am blogging now. To remind us all that no matter how confident we are in beating an addiction, struggle or weakness, we need to be on a constant watch and never let our guard down...or it may sneak up on you!

Cry out to God in your weakness. Let Him be your strength and allow Him to answer you.

God Bless!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny Friday Fun

Every Friday I post a video that is funny or fun or just plain enjoyable to watch. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be something enjoyable, if you don't find it funny or enjoyable, then please turn it off.
I didn't make them, I simply shared them. Chill out a bit will ya!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Numbers Matter!

Do the numbers really matter?

Yes they do...err Yeck Ya!

I believe that the numbers matter. The key to this theory is what numbers are we looking at.

Does the weekly attendance number matter? It does if it is introducing the saving grace of Christ to someone who has never heard it before!

We hear Pastor Dave talk regularly about things that are going on at New Life. That EVERY week some is happening, and that you shouldn't miss 1 week.

It is true! Something is going on, and it isn't something is something GODinary!

Ok, so maybe that word didn't work, what I am saying is God is at work BIG time at New Life, and somethin' is a stirrin'...

Let me share a couple of numbers with you, and you decide if numbers matter.

This Sunday is Baptism Sunday (which my son is one of those getting baptized!)

Over 40 people are scheduled to be baptized...numbers matter!

Wednesday night, our women's group started a Beth Moore Bible study.

Over 70 women joined this bible study and showed up on Wednesday, with more scheduled to join...numbers matter!

Each week, anywhere from 5 to 35 people are finding the saving Grace of Jesus Christ and turning their lives over to Him...numbers matter!

I am excited to be a part of New Life, both as an attendee and as a ministry leader. I am excited to see people reached and lives saved, people baptized, and people growing in Him! Those are the numbers that matter!

Praise God! Don't miss Sunday and invite ALL your friends and family...I have a feeling something pretty spectacular is going to happen!

Thursday Thinkback

Here are my thoughts on the weekend and the preparation for the upcoming weekend:

  • Camping was awesome!
  • It was a bit hot this weekend.
  • I heard that church was awesome Sunday!
  • Someone told me that worship rocked!
  • I sure missed church on Sunday.
  • The church is doing baptisms this weekend.
  • I love our baptism services.
  • I took two naps last weekend...that almost makes up for missing church! Doesn't it?
  • Jordan is getting baptized on Sunday! (More on that later!)
  • I Love my church.
  • Wait until you see what is on the horizon! It is over the top!
That's all I got to say about that!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Year Through the Bible...I can't wait!

Do you have things going on in your life that you have a hard time being patient on the Lord? Perhaps it is a career change (or career start), a new baby, a job, your first home, a spouse...and so on.

Sometimes it seems like it is never going to happen. We just can't wait! I get that way sometimes. In fact, I am going through that right now. I am impatient!

There are two things that I am impatient about: The first, I want to transition out of secular work and into a full-time ministry career. The second, to be completely out of debt...after all the stupid mistakes I have made with my finances.

I pray regularly and deep down I truly know that everything happens in God's timing. I know that! I believe that! It doesn't change the fact that it is something I struggle with.

Today I was reading through Psalm 90. This is a Psalm written by Moses. I think it might be the oldest written Psalm...but I'm not sure. In it Moses is writting about the faith in God and how he is eternal. I wanted to share with you vs. 4:

For a thousand years in your sight
are like a day that has just gone by,
or like a watch in the night.

In this, Moses is explaining to us, how to God a thousand years feels like just a day...or even less a watch in the night. If you understand a guards watch, it is typically about 4 hours. What! To God a thousand years is like just 4 hours.

I got to thinking about this and trying to understand why that was written that way. Moses is talking about eternal perspective, and I think that is something that we clearly do not have the ability to do. We have the ability to think about things and how they will impact our eternity. Yet, do we have the ability to look at a situation and see how it fits in to God's eternal plan. Of course not, we can't see his eternal plan.

This verse really helped me today to be just a bit more patient on the Lord. It really helped to remind me that the things that we think are so important are but a spec in God's master plan. (Yes they certainly matter to him, as do we) God will meet our needs and desires, just as soon as they fit in with his view of time.

So, if you are getting a bit impatient about something, let me encourage you to spend a little times in Psalm 90:4 and let the Lord remind you, as he did me, that we matter very much to him and that he will meet our needs, but it will be when it fits his master plan.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I am back!

We returned from vacation yesterday afternoon. We had a really good time. Thank you to those of you who prayed for us or sent us notes during our short time away.

The best part of the trip...4 days with Autumn and the boys without work or interruptions.

The next best part of the trip...I got to take 2 naps. 1 Friday for 2 hours and 1 Saturday for an hour and a half! Life is good.

Although, I came home well rested, I still took a half day off of work. I spent some time working t the church, and then the evening with the family. Since we were wore out when we got home last night, we celebrated Father's Day today instead.

Autumn took me out to dinner today with the boys for Father's Day tonight. I am pretty lucky.

Anyways, no deep spiritual discussion or scripture to quote...simply a brief update to let you know we are back, missed everyone at church and look forward to seeing all of you this weekend!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Funny Friday Fun

Every Friday I post a video that is funny or fun or just plain enjoyable to watch. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be something enjoyable, if you don't find it funny or enjoyable, then please turn it off.
I didn't make them, I simply shared them. Chill out a bit will ya!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thinkback

Well, I wanted to spend a few minutes looking back over the Sunday services, the follow-up and the preperation into this weekend. Here are a few thoughts I have:
  • The Worship rocked on Sunday. Even though Eli had a string dysfunction, you wouldn't know it, and they carried it off with no impact to the presence of God.

  • The message was sweet! Is it just me, or is Pastor Dave over the top on this series?

  • I have to miss next Sunday...that is just driving me crazy. I don't want to miss a single Sunday.

  • Mondays we spend some time "debriefing" from Sunday and figuring out what we can do better. I love being with Godly leaders, and to hear their hearts desires to want to constantly improve so that we can make it even easier for people to find Christ and His love during our service.

  • Did I mention worship rocked on Sunday?

  • We are headed outside for the next two know what that means: HOT!

  • Did I mention I get to be gone this Sunday at the lake, while it is HOT out?

  • One more week of Life Recovery, and then it is on to the Summer of Love series. How are we going to be able to top this series?

  • I am reading a book right now that is challenging me to really think outside the is driving me crazy, and creating excitement all at the same time.

  • Twitter is fun...but this week I feel like it is an interuption.

  • Tim is taking our videos to a whole new level. Thanks Tim! Sundays servolution video was cool...even if you took my interview "out of context"...(or did he!)...

  • Oh Yeah! Did I mention our worship rocked on Sunday?

Have a great worship experience this weekend. Remember: shorts, flip flops, lawn chairs, suntan lotion, hats, water, stuff for your kids, etc. are all acceptable this weekend. (Of course, around here they are always we want you here no matter how you show up...just so you show up!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

See Ya!

After many weeks of traveling for work over the last few months, I finally get to do some traveling with the family.
We leave tomorrow for a wonderful father's day weekend of camping at Don Pedro Lake. We will spend 4 days away from life hanging out, playing in the lake, etc.
I am really torn about missing church this Sunday. Everytime I miss a day, I feel like we miss out on something it seems like something big is happening every Sunday!
However, this is a time well needed for me and my family. My family wins!
See ya all in a week!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Year Through the Bible...In God We Trust

Have you ever given much thought to the words on the coins:

In God We Trust

Everyday we have that in our fingers and the other day I was reading through Psalms and began thinking about that phrase.

I was reading Psalm 20:7 which says:

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

I really like that verse. It is something that I have written on a card after reading it and I have included in my prayers this week. Why?

How often does our mouth say "In God we trust" but our actions show different? I don't know for you, but for me, that is way to often. There are too many things in my life that I want to hold on to and keep control of. The reality is, I need to let go.

God has been showing me that a lot lately.

God has been placing challenges in our life that is forcing us to let go and trust in Him. It is not easy, but it is sure refreshing. As Pastor Dave has been walking us through the Life Recovery process, I feel like part of that recovery process for me has been letting go and placing my full trust in God.

I am scared. I am freaked out. I am fighting the desire to take back control. However, if I am ever going to be able to serve Him completely and freely I have to learn to do this.

Your right Pastor Dave...I think it is going to get harder before it gets easier...but it is freeing!

How about you? Can you honestly say "In God we(I) Trust" with every area of your life?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Stale Chips Ahoy

I was flying the other day on a "red-eye" flight, and thought I would pick up a late night snack from the news stand store before boarding the plane. Of course, cookies always make for great company when staying up all night.

About an hour into the flight, I felt the snack crave come on, so I grabbed my small box (personal size, of course) of Chips Ahoy cookies from my backpack. After 2 minutes of trying to open the "freshness saver" bag, I finally reached my cookies.

As I went for the first cookie, my hand was met with half cookie and half crumb. Being the patient understanding guy that I am, I brushed off the fact that I purchased these over-priced cookies, that I was expecting to enjoy as a whole cookie packed full of chocolate chips, were now powder in my hands. I grabbed the partial piece of cookie and bite in. It was then that I realized Chips Ahoy cookies probably don't move that fast in an airline news stand magazine store, and I probably shouldn't have bought them.

They were stale. I kept eating them.
In fact I polished off the whole box during my trip(personal size box, of course).

The truth is, the store personnel are focused on the sales of magazines, books and newspapers and less about the few boxes of cookies in the corner. As a result, the store probably didn't get around to rotating the stock, and as a result....I ate stale cookies.

How often is our relationship with God any different?

We get so distracted with things that "we think" are more important, and as a result of that our relationship with God can become stale.

We focus our time and energy on our finances. Stale. We worry about how we are going to get that big promotion. Stale. We try and figure out how we can get our kids to try harder. Stale.

Here's is the good news...unlike the news stand I visited...if we move our focus on the "me" stuff and put our focus on God...then all the rest will do better then we could have ever done on our own!

Be Careful! Don't let your Chips Ahoy become stale!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What the...

What every man needs...a long-handled electric back razor.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

May's Top Posts

Here is the top 3 most visited posts for the month of May. I have linked to them, so in case you missed them, you can go back and read through them. Enjoy!

1. Book Titles

2. My Year Through the Bible...Specific Prayer

3. 100th Post Party

Maybe the end of June, I might have a contest to see who can guess the most visited post from June. These results surprised me when I pulled them I am curious!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Funny Friday Fun

Every Friday I post a video that is funny or fun or just plain enjoyable to watch. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be something enjoyable, if you don't find it funny or enjoyable, then please turn it off.
I didn't make them, I simply shared them. Chill out a bit will ya!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Landing in Newark

At the time this post is sent out, I should be in Newark, NJ and on my way to Princeton. (No, not the college the city)

I thought of a great story of how I am a graduate of Princeton and was going back on a recruitment visit...but, well, that would have just been a lie.

I am traveling there for a business trip for work, and will return on Saturday night.

Please pray for me during my travels for a safe return, protection for me and my family while we are apart, and that this is hopefully my LAST trip for this year!

See ya on Sunday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome Ministries Series - Part 2

The second saga in my blogs about "First Impressions", or in our case, Welcome Ministries.

I read a great post yesterday from this guy on leadership. If you want to read the whole post, you can go here. The quote that I want to talk about, that I think applies to Welcome Ministries, is this quote that someone told him a few years ago:

"Until you get your focus OFF of the people who are disgruntled, unhappy, unsupportive, and resistant to the direction God has called you to go, and ONTO those who are excited, supportive and on board, you will NEVER gain momentum and see a new culture created in your church."

I realize that this is a quote specifically about leadership and those within our church family, but let me make the bridge for you. I think that sometimes in Welcome Ministries, we get so focused on attending to the needs of the few that are most needy, that we miss the needs of the silent majority.

Our Welcome Ministries does a really great job of welcoming people right where they are at. Loving them, inviting them in, and making them feel at home. I believe that a lot of the people that return to our church (besides the great message and worship) is because of the way Welcome Ministries as loved them into our family.

Yet, the fact still remains that the Welcome Ministries are busy. The people that are able to break into their routine are those who are the loudest, which is typically those who are already regular attenders. Why? It is the regular attenders who know the routine, knows where the coffee should be, knows where the CD's are, knows where there seats are, etc.

SideBar- Before you start sending comments that I think our congregation is needy, let me clarify. First, I don't think that is the fact, I think we have an awesome congregation. Second, what I AM saying is that it is very difficult for a guest to be needy (for the little things) or to verbally express specific problems, when they typically don't know how our church functions. Does that help?

I just wonder many first time guests do we miss when we are focused on the one?

I don't know the answer, nor the method to find out. I do know this:

Welcome Ministries is the first line of people that our guests see/meet for the first time. It is important, I think, that our focus be on welcoming, loving and caring for them as the walk through the door. We cannot effectively do that if we are busy with the "little things".

I need your help.

How can we develop a program for continuing to meet the needs of our congregation and still be freed up to welcome our new guests with all of our attention?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Coffee with a friend

I think that sometimes the best thing we can do is sit back and share our hopes and dreams with a friend.

Yesterday, I had a chance to sit down with a friend for a couple of hours and just chat about ministry. We talked about some of the exciting things going on right now at New Life.

I shared some of the things I have been praying about with my ministry and some of the changes I would like to make.

We talked about the future of New Life, as we imagined it, and our respective ministries and that is where the dreaming began. We talked about some of the craziest dreams and ideas of where God could take our ministries and the church.

I think that the time spent I mean "brainstorming"... brings ministry to life. It adds a whole new level of where it can go. It reignites the flames of passion and pushes us forward into taking those scary steps that we know is WAY beyond our own ability; and, as a result, forces us to rely on God to make it happen and not on our own abilities.

That is the place I want to be all the time. It is scary and a rush all at the same time, and God moves during those times. You have got to experience it if you haven't already, it becomes addicting!

Thanks, my friend, for giving of your time yesterday! You helped feed my addiction! (the good addiction that is...)

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