Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tony Morgan Interview

As you know from last week, I had an opportunity to interview Tony Morgan last Thursday. I apologize for taking so long to get the interview update up on the site but I had a crazy week.

I followed the recommendations of another leader who gave some Do's and Don'ts on interviewing leaders. I wish I could remember who it was and if I do, I will update. Basically, I kept the interview to exactly the agreed upon 30 minutes, I made sure and had a list of questions that far exceeded our time, so as not to run out of questions and lastly kept focused on the written questions so that we didn't get off track. I also sent the questions to Tony the day before so that he had a chance to scan them over before our meeting which allowed us to cover more questions than normal...I think.

Here are a few of the questions that, for me, were most impactful. Of course, I was wanting to interview him for a very specific purpose. I wanted to discuss his transition from Government employment to full-time ministry employment and see what knowledge I might pick up as I prepare for that transition.

Jason: What qualities was Granger looking for in you when they sought to bring you on staff?

Tony: Well, I am not sure I know. I will answer that by telling you what qualities we looked for in staff both at Granger and here at NewSpring. We look for 4 key traits:
  • How is there walk with Christ.
  • What is their connection with NewSpring and do they believe in what we are doing?
  • We are looking for people to Lead Ministry, not do ministry. Can they influence people?
  • Do we actually like them?
Jason: As you "transferred" into full-time ministry, what was the hardest difference to overcome?

Tony: My influence with people outside the church and my ability to share the Gospel with them dwindled. Now, most of my influence is through other people and their ministries. I wasn't prepared for this.

Jason: A multi-state move has great impact on your family and children both in the decision-making process and in the actually move itself. What were some of the things (aside from prayer and time with God) that you and your wife had to work through in making this decision?

Tony: The key issue for us was to determine what was best for the family. Was it healthier to stay where we were with existing friends, or was it healthier for the family to experience a significant move where we had an opportunity to meet new friends. In the end, we felt that if our children had an opportunity to experience a significant move in their young lives and see God's presence and how He worked through it, we felt would help them grow more in their walk and obedience in Christ as adults later in life.

In the end, Tony had a chance to answer about 23 of my 28 questions. Tony was very candid in his answers and I felt he was truly engaged in the questions I had. I walked away feeling like he got it. He clearly sees that God can and is using him outside the 4 walls of NewSpring and for guys like me...thank you! Thank you for making yourself available for the Kingdom mission!

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