Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Judges decisions are final!

After much discussion and review of the many (ok 2) entries that were received, the judges finally returned an answer.

The winner of the 100th post contest is:

(sorry Ron!)

Here are the facts behind the contest:

Correct Answer: Speed Racer!

Determination of winner based on the following:

Kelly's entry was within 1 post of correct post, and had only 8 less views than the correct post. The other contestant posts were further away by date and hits. That was the determining factors for deciding on a winner.

Congratulations to Kelly for winning, and thank you to all two of you for playing!

P.S. I think it was a rigged contest, because the correct answer was posted near the time of the movie release, so I think it received an unexpected high amount of hits from outsiders.

Please expect delivery of prizes in 4-6 weeks.


RWC said...

Recount....I demand a recount!!!

Kidding! Good Job Kelly whoohoo!

Kelly Rae said...

Never has victory tasted so sweet. Sorry, Ron... I guess you snooze you lose!

J/K, haha! Congratulatoins on coming in second. Too bad we don't get free cars like you suggessted. (Hint, hint, Jason)