Monday, May 5, 2008

WOW Experience

I wanted to share with you briefly something I thought was a pretty cool "WOW" for a city to do. As I toured Salt Lake City this week, I noticed that because of their light rail and hotels the city has a lot of mid-block crosswalks. At each of these cross walks I noticed a group of orange flags in holders on both sides of the street.

My initial thought was that these flags were so drivers could see where the crosswalk was located. However, what I found out was that these flags were for the pedestrians to use. As you cross the street, you can grab a flag and walk across with the flag, waving it as you go. In this way you are allowing on-coming drivers to see you easier as you cross the street.

Wow, that was a pretty neat idea! What a way to meet the needs of the pedestrian traffic and the driving traffic at the same time.

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