Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spy Cam Love Letter

Today is Mother's Day. Gentlemen...if you are NOT spoiling your wife and the mother of your children, then you are going to blow it. (Don't worry, I will probably screw something up, too!)

This is the one day a year we have a chance to REALLY show our wives the "over-the-top" appreciation we have for what she does for us and our children. We need to spoil her, show our appreciation, AND make sure she goes to bed knowing how important she is to your family.

I know that sounds wonderful. I hope I can live up to my own challenge.

As a starter, I am giving you a small peak into the start of Mother's Day at our house. Here is a "copy"of the short love letter I will be leaving for Autumn before I leave for church Sunday morning.

My Dearest Autumn-

Thank you for giving me the joy of being a parent. I am so blessed to have you as the mother of our children. You are Godly, loving, handy, smart & have a lot of patience, when it comes to raising our children (and me).

Thank you for setting the bar high for me as an example of a loving Godly parent. I pray that we will have children that know God & Love Him with all their heart. The best way for them to learn this is by seeing it in us. You are clearly leading by example.

I Love You very Much!


I will rarely open up and share the intimate parts of our marriage and what is going on, but I wanted to do it this time for a specific reason. I want to challenge you men to go crazy and over-the-top for your wives today! Leave them love letters all day. Have your kids leave letters every where for them today. Make sure your wife feels like a Queen today!

So, men...let me know what you did for your wife. This is the one time, I give you permission to brag. We are slow, so we can all learn from one share what your successful Mother's Day looked like.

Thanks God!

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