Monday, May 19, 2008

Simple Sunday Thoughts on Monday

I don't tend to be much of an internal reflective thoughts kind of person. I tend to put all my energy in up front and then walk away knowing I gave it my best. I realize that there is a time for internal reflection, it's just not one of my strengths.

However, after service yesterday, and having had a chance to spend last night and today with my oldest son, I had a few random thoughts:

  • NLCC rocks! I am glad I get to be a part of an awesome church.
  • We have an awesome Awana/Children program that is teaching the Love of Christ to my children.
  • Is it me, or does our worship team just get better week after week?
  • Did I mention NLCC rocks?
  • Nothing, I mean nothing, can make up for 1 on 1 quality (and quantity) time with our kids. It is in that quantity time that the quality times happen!
  • We have some awesome Pastors that I consider it a real privilege to serve with them.
  • After Sundays at NLCC it sure makes it hard to go back to work on Monday!
  • Our Welcome Ministries know how to take care of our guests!
  • Have you attended church in Room #201, its like the "Red Carpet" room at the airports!
Oh yeah, and did I mention, NLCC Rocks!

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