Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Speed Racer!

I realize that lately I haven't been posting a lot. Mainly I have been traveling, preparing to travel, or just recovering from traveling. I will be like this through the middle of June...then hopefully life will return to normal.

OK, probably not.

For some reason, I do better when I stay very busy. It seems as though I am constantly balancing time with my family, work, church, God, hobbies, side-job, oh yeah and rest! Most of my friends say I am crazy (OK, my family too)..and I guess sometimes we are.

Yet, every time I try and slow down, cut things out of my life I am miserable. I am passionate about many things, and want to be a part of many things. Does it come at a cost? I am sure it does. I can pretend it doesn't, and assume that I spend the right amount of time in each area of my life and that all is well...but that isn't possible.

There is sacrifice...the question is where? As some of you know, I just returned from vacation with my family. 8 days of uninterrupted fun with my wife, kids and extended family. We had a lot of fun. I played in the pool and ocean with the boys, we went whale-watching, etc.

However, last night I took some time for "myself" and went with a buddy to the new REI in Stockton. (if you have to ask....never mind!) When I returned, I found my youngest in tears because I was gone to long. My first thought...but I just spent the last 8 days with you...I was only gone a couple of hours!

Then it kinda hit me. He wasn't really crying because of that one evening...but rather an accumulation of times gone. I have not lost my priorities...God, Spouse, Kids, Church, Work. However, sometimes there is some fudging...because I "just need to get this done" or "it is just a busy time and it will settle down". Have you ever experienced or felt that way?

If not, great! Don't ever let it happen. If you have (or do) grab control of it. It is so easy to take time away from the things most dear to you, for what we perceive as important. A great little book to read about this is Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley. It is a great little book that helps us to keep things in the right perspective.

I came home to day after work and spent all afternoon playing Legos with my boys...let's just say I am one heck of an airplane-car-people-man builder(per Austin). Oh yeah, the boys and I are good!

Now I need to go spend some time with God! See ya!

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Joanne Reese said...


I think you're right on the mark as far as priorities go. But like you said, when the "interruption" hits, it's not always easy to make the right choice.

Like you have shown, Legos have proven to be very productive (on many levels). You've set a great example for the rest of us.