Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Great Line

As I mentioned here on Monday, I have been spending a lot of time focusing on prayer lately. This has been a good thing, as prayer has always been an area of struggle in my life. I have never been a "prayer warrior".

Recently, I began reading a book called Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. The leadership of Equip Church is reading through this book together. In it,there was a line that keeps coming back to me day after day. It goes like this:
Why would He [God] send anyone there [Heaven] who doesn't long for Him passionately here on Earth?
Now, let's not read into the quote, or tear it apart doctrinally. I simply want the meaning of that to sink in for a minute. Re-read it again. As I read it, I basically heard "We live our life here on Earth, never longing to talk to or be with God, but yet when we get to Heaven we expect Him to let us in because of that "one time" when we "accepted" Christ in our heart.

Let me make it clear, I am not questioning your spirituality, or the realism of your relationship with Christ. As I reflected on that statement, I sat back and realized just how selfish our walk with God can be. We portion God off so He only has access to what we want to give Him, but yet we expect Him to do so much in our lives.

This statement pours into my heart everyday as I think about the relationship I thought I had with Christ; that I realize just how selfish my relationship really was. I truly want to seek God, passionately, and spend time with Him everyday, for no other reason than to just be with Him. I pray that I reach that point where God can't wait for me to get to Heaven, because we spent so much time together, passionately, here on Earth.

How about you?

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