Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Experience

I wanted to take a moment and share with you a great experience I had. Now I know that many of you are already "Apple Believers", yet some of you are like me and still maintain our PC identity.

I must admit, my first computer was a mac, and because I was in business, I was forced to switch to PC. The main reason I have not switched back has been cost. The cost is substantial. However, with the advent of cloud computing and other web based apps, this cost differential is diminishing fast.

Autumn and I both have i-phones (yes I know we are!) and Friday AT&T joined the 21st century and added MMS to iPhones. I downloaded the carrier settings and updated my phone, and it worked great. Autumn not so lucky. It crashed. It died. It is over.

So began the recovery process. I followed all the various steps, ideas, methods on Apple' site and the Internet. No luck. The my worst fear set in. Call tech support!

So, I made an appointment with tech support (which is what you do with Apple) and I also made an appointment for the Apple store in Modesto for later that same day...just in case.

Sunday came, they called right on time. Unfortunately Ed could not fix my iPhone, however, he did teach me a lot of tricks and short cuts that are hard to find elsewhere. Ed was a guy who knew the iPhone. That is what he did...and he did it well. So we both agreed I should go to the Apple store. So I went.

I had a 3:30 appointment. I arrived at 3:10. I checked in. I was seen at 3:15. Phone confirmed dead at 3:16. New phone issued at 3:21. Driving out of the parking lot at 3:28.

Apple...when it comes to customer do it right! Not only did your staff speak a language I can understand, but they actually knew what they were talking about. They actually understood what I was wanting and handled it accordingly. Thank you!

I am now sold on Apple. The next time I need a computer, I will seriously consider the switch to a Macbook. The added cost is totally worth it for the level of support I got!

So, to make this a "spiritual" thing...which I don't have to but will. Compare the service I received from Apple to the service we provide to those that visit our church. How do we match up?

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