Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Ham Sandwich

Today, I was home alone for lunch, so I decided to make a ham sandwich. It wasn't anything spectacular, or made any different then last time. Yet, for some reason today's ham sandwich was extra delicious.

Was it the fact that I toasted the bread a bit longer? Was it the second slice of cheese? Did I put a bit more mayonnaise then usual? Perhaps it was a little extra ham? Maybe it was the type of ham?

I am not really sure. It could have been the whole package, all I know is that it was one great sandwich!

While I was enjoying this great sandwich I got to thinking about the church. What is it that makes a good service into a great service? Is it the music? Is it the preaching? Is it the greeters? Is it the hearts of the people?

Aside from the almighty God doing his thing, do you know what ingredients are making your services great? More importantly, are you thinking about it? If you are not, I know the people visiting your church are!

Sit back and take a look at a good service and great service. What is different between them? If you figure that out, you will have one delicious ham sandwich!

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