Monday, September 21, 2009

Play it safe!

I wrote a twitter last week, some of you caught it. I thought I would take a few minutes and elaborate on it. Something that I have learned through joining Equip Church is this:

If you want to get Satan to leave you life safe!

It seems that ever since we stepped out in faith, in response to God's calling, we have been under constant attack from the enemy. When it isn't family health, it is financial stuff like a broken washing machine, or little words of doubt in my mind. Just as we move pass one attack and survive, here comes another.

Now, since I know some of you are wondering. For each of us, what "playing it safe" looks like will be different. What you need to do is look at what God is calling you to do vs. what you feel comfortable doing. For some, playing it safe is church hopping so you never have to connect and serve with a family. For others it might be a pew sitter and slipping out early every Sunday, for others it may be staying somewhere if God is calling you elsewhere...missions, full time church staff, or in my case volunteering with a church plant.

The fact is, God is calling us to follow him. For many years, I did that half-hearted. I kinda did, but also kinda did what felt safe. As a result Satan did not see me as a threat and left me alone. He may be thinking the same of you. However, once you start following God's calling for your life, Satan will become concerned...and I assure you he will come a knocking!

Let me leave you with this: Are you where God is calling you to be? If not, let me encourage you to find out what/where that is and do it! No matter the attacks, God will get you through! Trust me...I am in it right now!

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Sandy Hazenberg said...

Great blog Jason! We went through the same thing and others have as well. It's a spiritual battle, but well worth joining God's army!