Monday, September 14, 2009

What a weekend!

I thought I would quickly give you an update on our life. We had a really busy weekend, which I imagine is a sign of things to come now that we are part of a church plant.

So briefly, here is how we spent our weekend:
  • Friday Night - 3 hour meeting with Hazenbergs to receive Equip Leadership Training. After all, we are late to the party!

  • Saturday Morning - Jordan's belt test in Oakdale - (Yes, he passed with flying colors...he is now a yellow belt)

  • Saturday Afternoon- Lunch/Swimming at my Dad's for his birthday.

  • Saturday Evening - Dinner/Games with some new friends. Love building relationships!

  • Sunday AM - Set-up church, have church, tear down church (So that's what they mean when they say portable church is hectic!)

  • Sunday Lunch - Invited a family (of 6) to our house for lunch and hanging out. (Still Love building relationships!)

  • Sunday Afternoon - Men's BBQ and planning meeting. (Big hamburgers! Yum!)

  • Sunday Evening - Back to Hazenbergs for membership class training.
That pretty much sums up my weekend. Oh yeah, I even slipped in a 45 min nap on Sunday. I am not sure how, but I did. So, that is our new life for awhile. I am sure it will slow down here and there, but since I start ref'n soccer this Saturday, I will have plenty of stuff to fill my week!

Hope your weekend was less eventful!

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