Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Backpacking Pt3

In this final post about my backpacking trip, I want to expand a bit from the my first post on backpacking, I wrote here. One of the things I talked about was the need to focus on God for my strength and nothing else.

It can be really easy for us to get caught up in working, doing church, spending time with family, etc. and loose focus. Loose focus of what? It may just depend. For Autumn and I, are focus is what God wants to do with us in the next season of our lives.

Unfortunately, with my ADD/OCD mind it is too easy to get distracted on many many things. I need to be restarted sometimes, just like my PC (No Mac/PC jokes please!). That is what backpacking does for me. As I was struggling to hike, and began focusing on Him for strength, I was able to let go of everything.

The benefit for me, was that, while my mind was clear of all the debris of life, I am able to truly focus on what God wants me to. Since I am unable to be polluted by Internet, email, twitter, facebook, friends, and family, I am able to stay focused on God for an unusually extended amount of time. It is in that time that God can speak some amazing things, if we are listening.

Let me encourage you. If you are having trouble focusing right now, do something/go somewhere which will force you to clear your mind and focus on Him, and do so for an extended period of time. It will do some amazing things for you.

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