Monday, July 27, 2009

Backpacking Pt2

As I discussed last week here, I had a chance to do a little backpacking a week or so ago. We had a wonderful time. You can see some pictures, by visiting my facebook page here and checking out the photos.

One of the reasons I love to go backpacking, is the opportunity to experience the creations of God. The first night, we hiked in only a couple of miles. We stayed at a lake called Camp Lake. We found a great camping spot up above the trail. It was a really big spot with lots of room, a great camp fire ring, etc. We could have just hung out there all afternoon/evening and been perfectly happy. It was everything we were looking for in a site.

Once we got our camp set-up, we decided to go nosing around behind our site, through some trees. What we discovered, was that we were actually up on the top of mountain, and less than 20 yards behind us was the edge of the mountain that overlooked the valley below.

That night after dinner, we returned to the spot, were the 3 of us laid down on the granite and starred up at the sky. It was an unbelievable view. We saw stars galore, galaxies, shooting stars...more than you could ever see in the valley.

We almost missed it, because we were so content with our site, there was no reason to go looking around. This is the same reason I backpack. This is the same reason I challenge myself. This is the same reason I question if what we are doing is what God wants us to do.

It is easy to sit back when things are "Right" and say I am content, there is no need to move. However, just over the hill, God may have something so unbelievable for you you wouldn't want to miss it. How will you know? You won't, unless you are looking for it.

Look at everything great in your life (and trust me there is greatness in your life...sometimes it is harder to find then other times), and ask yourself "Does God have something even better waiting for me? I better be looking!"

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Joanne Reese said...

Great post Jason! I agree. So many times I limit myself when God's plan is so much bigger than I thought.