Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cleaning Time

Today I went in to work for a few hours to try and get caught up on some stuff. I have been traveling a lot lately, out sick and few other odd things. It was just something that needed to get done.

After 4 hours of work, it is amazing what I was able to get accomplished. When there is no interruptions, you can get a lot done.

I got organized, updated my task list, completed tasks, cleaned my office... pretty much unburied myself from a pile of past due stuff!

As a result, I feel much better, I feel I have direction again and am right on track to be successful. This is important for me. If I feel overwhelmed if affects not only my work performance, but my husband performance, dad performance, and personal performance.

I think it is important to do some spring cleaning in our spiritual walk as well. Take an afternoon, get off alone and clean up your spiritual mess. Confess anything needing confessing, develop a bible reading schedule, develop your prayer schedule, anything else that is necessary to just get your relationship with God back on track to where it should be.

Now that my office is out of my "hair", I can focus on my spiritual spring cleaning!

How about you?

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