Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What the?!?

I was driving this morning down a 4 lane road with a center turn lane. Now, as any good civil service employee, I was in no hurry so I wasn't driving fast; however, I wasn't going slow either...I was right at the speed limit.

I noticed a small neon coming up behind me rather quickly, and noticed there was a car in the lane on my right as well. Since I was going the speed limit AND we were in town, I was not in a quick hurry to move up and over for the car.

Since I was in no hurry and the car next to me was in no hurry but the neon driver was certainly in a hurry, they decided to pass me. That's right! Can you guess where?

I noticed them pull into the center turn lane, for what I thought was a left turn, and they proceeded up next to me. As the car was passing I saw a lady driving her neon, with her left hand on the steering wheel, her right hand talking on a cell phone up to her ear. She never looked over, just continued past and back into my lane in front of me. A few blocks later, she turned off and so I don't know why the rush...probably late to work.

At first, I really thought the gall that this lady had to pass me in the center lane. Where is a cop when you need one! How could anyone be in such a rush? Life isn't worth the risk....my ranting and raving continued for 10-15 minutes. Then I realized...I am old. It finally hit me. I don't drive like a teen or 20 something any more. What happened?

The reality is, as we age it is important that we develop patience, that we recognize the "big picture" and not be so hasty. It is important that we think more long term and stifle some of that short term thinking. The problem is...I think we can get so focused on being "safe" that we forget how to take risks.

Whether we are trying to share the gospel, maybe trying to figure out a new way to reach someone, maybe even stepping out into a new career. Sometimes there is a time to drive the speed limit...and sometimes you need to pull out into the center turn lane and pass the "safe" drivers.

The real question is...how do you know when? Ask God!

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