Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That stinks!

I wanted to continue to share a bit from my trip this week since I didn't have much time to do so while I was there. One of the issues with traveling for an extended time (in my case 8 days) is that you find yourself eating out a lot. You are living out of a hotel room.

When you add to that, a conference, you tend to eat way more than you may normally. At a minimum, though, you are eating foods that you don't normally eat. We all have eating habits at home. We fix similar type foods week after week. We use the same cooking methods. As a result, our body adjusts to those habits.

So when you travel, you put your body to the test. Now, the body is pretty adaptable but sometimes it just says I have had enough. As a result, it develops a method to let you know that it can't take much more. Let's just say, those are smells that are absolutely from hell! They are nasty. However, when it is all over, we are even more grateful.

Now, hang in there with me. The same goes for our walk with Jesus. When we became a Christian, we began a transition in our lives. Not because God required it, or because we have to be better to get into Heaven; we change because as we get closer to Jesus, we become more like Jesus.

However, as God begins to work in us, He has to draw out of us all the stench that has filled our lives for so many years. As God brings those out, we don't enjoy it, it stinks, it is ugly, and we want it to go away. Whether it is a sinful habit, an addiction, or just a mind struggle, it has to be confessed and dealt with in all of its ugliness before we can move on.

How was that for tying them together? How about you? You agree?

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