Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stop Pretending!

"Just stop it!"

"Stop trying to be something you are not. You are not the Savior!"

"Be proud of what you do...whether it is cleaning toilets or cleaning minds, we all have a purpose and if we try and be what we are not we affect the entire balance of God's perfect plan."

Does that sound harsh? Don't worry, it wasn't meant for was meant for me. I usually have to slap myself in the face and tell myself this all to often.

Why is that? There are many reasons. I think the biggest is that we see what someone else is doing (or not doing) and think that is so much better than what I am doing. Maybe it is tied to money, someone else "seems" to be making more. Maybe their job seems "cooler". Perhaps you think their schedule is easier...come and go as they responsibility. Simply put, the grass is greener on the other side.

The key is, are we trying to place our desires in place of God's will or are we truly listening to God. Are you confused? Let me give you an example. As many of you know I am a Fleet Analyst for TID. However, I am always feeling called (so I think) to become an executive pastor with a local church. Now, as I get so engulfed in the "great things" of being an executive pastor and all that I think it has to offer, I start to loose site of what God has planned for me. The fact is, God has given me an AMAZING job at an amazing place to work. It is truly a gift from God. Now, why would I want to leave that unless I know for sure it is his will? I wouldn't...I shouldn't.

That is the problem, we think we have no value at our current site. The truth is, God may have me here, so that maybe 1 person might find Him. However, if I choose to follow my plans and not his, I may miss a wonderful reward/opportunity. We can be used by God no matter where we draw a paycheck!

So, stop pretending! Just stop it!

How about you?

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Joanne Reese said...

Great post Jason - I think you hit the nail on the head for a lot of people. Often times I find myself in the comparing mode, and oh, what a mess! You have sent a heavenly reminder (I need a lot of them you know) to simply be myself.

The grass is never greener ...