Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Lately I have been going through a difficult time. I mean I was simply in a "valley". I had allowed life to get the best of know the stuff I am talking about right? Finances, pressures at work, not spending enough time with God and the family.

Every now and then we get beat down from it....for some it is a quick recovery, and for others...well, they never recover.

However, thanks to a wonderful wife and a couple of wonderful friends, I bounced back this week after this 20 days of misery.

In fact, Monday night I was having coffee with a buddy and that is when God put things into perspective for me. My buddy, Tom, and I were relaxing and talking about the upcoming weekend, and I was sharing with him about my stress. Then up walked a guy holding a coffee in one hand, and his wallet and a cane in the other hand.

He proceeded to ask us if we owned the jeeps outside. Of course we said yes (any one who claims to be a Christian owns a Jeep. In fact, I think that is what Jesus drove while he was on earth...but that's another story.) ! He then began asking us about jeep clubs and wanting to get connected locally with a club, how he had just bought a jeep and was looking forward to upfitting it.

I began telling him how he can get all the info on the internet for the clubs, etc. He then told us how he could not use a computer. He just retired out of the Army (after 17 years) because he was blown up in Iraq. As a result, he received brain damage, and his mind has not learned how to use a computer yet. In fact, he had just barely learned how to spell again.

As I sat there listening to him tell us about his situation, I was about to cry. Here was a guy who had every reason to hate life and yet, he seemed happy and excited about the new opportunities that were now before him, even with the limitations placed on him. Wow! Here I was whinning about stuff that I caused....perspective!

God Bless our military for their dedication and sacrifice that they put in for us! May they find Him!

How about you?

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Mark said...

Amen to that. Just passing through and I read your post. Glad to hear you got out of your slump.


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