Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Hang over?

I read a lot of blogs of Pastors. One of the common threads is the talk of the Monday Holy Hang Over. The fact that they expelled so much passion and energy going into and including Sunday that by Monday they are finished. They are wiped out.

All though I have served at many levels, I have never been a Pastor, nor someone who preached regularly. I really don't know what this feels like, although I completely understand and appreciate what they are talking about.

However,yesterday, was probably the closest I will get to feeling that holy hang over, until the day that I am pastoring a church somewhere. After the long weekend, I went to work yesterday with zero energy, zero reserves and felt like I had a hang over all day.

It could be part dehydration from the sun, exhaustion, allergies...who really knows. All I know is I was spent. If this is anything like how a Pastor feels on Monday...Wow!

My hat is off! I have generated a whole new level of appreciation for Pastors. I thought it was tough enough having to prepare a new message each week, but add to that the knowledge that the holy hangover is coming. That would be tough!

Thank you Pastors for what you do...and for doing it in that special way that only you can do!

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