Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wet Feet

"Hey, let's take our shoes off and play in the water"

Those were the first words that I heard that should have told me to think it through. My kids had a blast playing in the ocean on Saturday. They looked for sea shells, they looked for sand dollars, they chased the waves. A joyous time was had by all.

Until it was time to leave...

Once I was able to corral them up and over to a dead piece of drift wood, we began the process of cleaning their feet and legs to put their shoes back on. I began hearing complaints of the scratchy sand, the cold feet and the wet rolled up pants. No matter how sensitive Autumn and I were to their pain, we could not be easy enough on them, without "hurting" them. The main complaint was the scratchy sand.

I began to tell the boys that they should have thought it through. They should have realized that when they decided to take off their shoes, they would have to clean them to put their shoes back on.

It was then that God said to me (in my heart)..."Isn't that how sin is?"

He's right, of course. Most of the time we simply act/do what looks exciting or good in the moment. We don't think it through. It isn't until we have to clean up the "mess" of our sins do we truly realize what we got ourselves into. We decide what a mistake we made and that we are never going to do that again.

Like us, even though the boys say they will never play at the beach again... I am sure they will, and they probably won't think much about it before they do.

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