Monday, February 9, 2009

Traffic Jam

Last week I went to Modesto (a neighboring town for those of you not from around here) to pick up my Jeep from a guy that was doing some work on it.

As I was traveling home on the freeway, the traffic started backing up. It slowed to a crawl for about 2-3 miles, and then picked back up again. I kept waiting to find an accident, heavy on-ramp traffic, or anything else that may be causing the traffic slow down. Of course, what did I find? Absolutely nothing.

Who knows why the traffic slowed down. Did someone want to try and change lanes and so they hit their brakes? Was there a Sunday driver keeping traffic to a crawl? I may never know what caused was 15 minutes of my life taken away for something.

So why should I bring this up?

Everyday we make decisions on how to move through life. Often times we are so focused on the decisions we make that move us where we are going, we forget to look back and see what "traffic jams" we may have caused. Yes, it is important to focus on going forward, however there are so many things we can learn from the mistakes and "traffic jams" we have left behind us.

So, as you move forward in the freeway of sure and remember to look back at the traffic jams and learn something from them!

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