Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thinkback

Here are a few random thoughts from this week:
  • I hope that my schedule will be somewhat normal for the next few months.
  • I miss my church and can't wait to be back.
  • I didn't get any sleep while in Florida (the time change thing).
  • I think I am just now starting to get caught up on my sleep.
  • Did I mention that we are doing a really cool Easter series?
  • I had to miss the creative meeting on Monday...just WAY to much to do after being gone.
  • I got to spend quite a bit of time watching people this weekend at the airports and hotel.
  • I like watching people interact in a public environment.
  • People behave very funny when they don't know someone is actually watching them.
  • Who have you invited to church lately?
  • It looks like over the next year I will have a chance to visit the Carolinas. That may mean visiting this place or this place.
  • I had to be at the airport WAY to early on Sunday morning.
  • Maybe one of these days I will make a list of 100 things about me for you to read, like this guy did.
  • Did I mention I have been tired?
  • I hope to see you guys on Sunday... don't forget to invite someone!

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