Monday, February 2, 2009

Bridging the Gap I fell off of!

How many of us have seen a picture like the one to the right, or heard it described to us when we were seeking God. How many of us have used this example to reach people lost?

It is an interesting image. However, once we have that bridge in place and we are using it regularly because of our relationship with Christ, what happens when we fall off the bridge?

What happens when we are not on "our" side or on "God's" side, but rather we are in the pit at the bottom of the gorge in the mud? Then what?

Well, you need a ladder. Being one who recently fell off the bridge, I had to figure out a way to climb out. Like every stubborn human, I tried climbing the walls. I tried using the rocks as a way up. What I needed was a ladder.

Would you believe I found one? It was called the Bible.

It doesn't matter where you are in your walk with God. You can be drifting off track slightly, you could have made a wrong turn, or you could have fallen off the bridge; it doesn't matter. By spending time in the Word and with God, He can quickly bring you back on track.

If you need a tug, God will provide. If you need a push, God will provide. If you need a ladder, God will provide.

So, where are you today? You need a little guidance, or big honkin' ladder? What ever it might be, God will provide! Find Him in His Word!

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