Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This morning I had my annual physical. I am pretty lucky that my job provides insurance for this at no cost to me.

As I was waiting for the Doctor to come in to see me, I was thinking about all the things that may come up during his examination or through the rigorous amounts of blood work. How is my weight? Is my blood sugar high? Where is my cholesterol going to be? Should I worry about my blood pressure? Did I excercise enough since last year? So on and so on.

For the last 3 weeks since I made the appointment, I have been very careful about what I was eatting. I have been extra good about taking my fish oils. I have been trying to exercise more. As if all of this last minute changes to my life style are going to fix the bad habits from the prior 11 months since my last physical.

The reality is that the work it is going to take to correct all of the bad habits from my past is going to be much harder and much greater than the original acts. The 5 minutes it took to eat those 5 cookies... it will take an hour to recover. You add to that 15 years of bad health habits and maybe I can recover with ALOT of hard work and effort.

However, there is something that is way easier to fix than the original act. You want to know what that is? Jesus Christ.

It doesn't matter how much or for how long you have lived a life of sin, regardless of the sins you have committed, in just 1 brief sentence combined with a hear of surrendered repentance it will all go away. God doesn't need for you to go fix all your problems first, he wants to do that for you... you simply need to trust in him.

Don't wait, find Jesus today! You don't know what life has in store for you tomorrow.

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