Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flat tire anyone?

The other day I received an email from Pastor Dave about a note card he received from someone in the church. In the note, the writer tells me about something one of our Welcome Team members did. I wanted to share it with you as I received it, so here you go:

"Special Thank You to "Scott" while attending the parking lot saw that I had a flat tire.
He told me to attend church and not worry! While I was in church he changed my tire!
This is God's work! Thank you Scott!"

When we have our Welcome Team meetings I try and encourage and remind people that our job is to show love to people, anyway we can. Our focus is to provide a warm loving environment so that people can find God where ever they are at.

This note is precisely what we are trying to do. The author of this note will not soon forget the love that she received while at our church. If this had been someone who showed up with no relationship with Jesus and preconceived notions of what a "christian" is...Scott shattered those beliefs.

Thank you Scott and thank you Welcome Ministries Team for each and every week doing some amazing things that allow people to feel loved and welcomed at New Life!

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