Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going Dark

Have you heard the expression "going dark" before?

It is really common in the theater referring to a night off, or a time when the theater isn't performing.

For me, and many others, going dark refers to shutting down technology or many other things.

In my case, I shut down in stages. I went dark on my blog for most of December (except for my funny Fridays). This was mainly due to the hectic schedule of co-producing BTLOG with my friend Steven Dougherty.

However, after Christmas, I went completely dark for 5 days. That meant no cell phone, no email, no facebook, no internet, no home phone. My family and I snuck away to the cabin for the week where I couldn't be found.

It was a wonderful experience and a great time to unwind and hang with the family.

Yet, I am glad to be back and ready to get back in the groove. You can begin looking for some great new blog posts this week. I am wrapping up my 2008 year of Revolutionary Goals and will begin discussing my 2009 goals as I develop them.

As well as, we are embarking on 3 services starting tomorrow. I am sure I will have lots to say about that!

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