Thursday, January 22, 2009

Side Salad Anyone?

Last night was my routine night out, while Autumn and the kids are in Awanas. I decided to grab a quick bite and head straight to St. Arbucks to do my study time. One of the things I grabbed with my meal was a side salad.

The salad was very well prepared with a plastic lid. The lid did an amazing job of protecting the salad and keeping outside things from getting in. The problem, is that it took me forever to get the lid off. I was afraid to pull to hard, in fear of the "potato chip" effect. You know when you open a bag of chips to hard and they go flying everywhere. So, I continued to try with minimal effort in order to get the lid off.

Finally, I got the lid off and was able to enjoy my salad.

It got me thinking, though. How many churches operate in the same way? They work so hard to protect the contents inside, that they forget to make it easy for outsiders to get in.

I was perusing this guy's blog last night looking at posts from the past and it amazes me how much criticism there is towards mega-churches or fast growing churches. The reality is we should be looking closely at their processes. It is clear that they have found away to successfully protect the contents, without creating a barrier for outsiders wanting in.

Take a your lid on too tight?

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