Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For the two of you left that still haven't removed my blog from your reader, that after my blogs last week, I came to a point where I felt really defeated.

I entered last week excited for the new year and began thinking about how/what my goals should be for this year. As I really started to look back at what I had accomplished this last year, I really only saw the things I didn't accomplish because of it.

I felt like I let my family down. I let my job down. I let God down. I started to feel defeated.

Then I listened to a great message here from Perry Noble. Then I read his blog post here. I began to put together the puzzle pieces and making sense of it all. I really am feeling like I have placed so much focus on the things that I am doing that I have forgotten to focus on the things that I am. Further, that I am so fearful of not doing the right things that I am preventing myself from doing the right things. Perry Noble makes this comment in his post,

"If I make it my passion to fear Him [God] alone…then NOTHING can stand in the way of what He has called me to do…but if I allow ANY other fear to control me then I will remain paralyzed and powerless in life and ministry."

So, what does that mean? It means that I need to get more God in my life and less authors in my life. I need to get more Spiritual leadership in my life and less complacency. It means a lot of things, all of which I still have to sort out.

As I sort through these things, I will begin to open them up with you here and hopefully together we can grow in Christ. However, let me leave you with this: Do not sacrifice at the alter just to say you sacrificed!

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