Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ridiculous Random Thoughts of the Day!

  • Great night of small group...now maybe a little bloggin' and readin' and then off to bed...time to start my week!
  • Great monday morning. Off to a good start. Let's see how it finishes...
  • Winter hours started this week...that makes for a long afternoon. I hope I can survive..
  • Well made it through the first day of winter hours. I can't wait for summer hours to come back!
  • Our daughter is here for a week. Plus my sisterinlaw from Iowa on Wednesay. Going to be fun catching up with family
  • I got a lot done today. Amazing. I feel freakin' good right now. Time to grab some water and then off to bed to do some readin'
  • Oh yeah, have you read ''The Shack'' yet? I am just over half way and hooked! it is a fun read.
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