Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catch up day!

Yesterday was the first day of winter hours at work. That meant that not only did the time move back an hour this weekend, I also started work an hour later.

As a result I was very rested going into the work week and Monday became a catch up day. I got a lot of work done while at work. I am almost completely caught up.

I then came home and worked for about 4 hours on the computer getting caught up on bills, finances, and many other things. It felt really good to get caught up.

In life, it is really amazing how things like lack of sleep and a back log of work (whether at home or at the job) can really affect our mental state. I feel so much better, happier and energized. It is a feeling that can become addicting.

Although I realize it is probably a short lived feeling; as soon I will be behind again, with so many things that are going on right now. For now I am going to enjoy it though!

As I have continued my reading through Acts, I have noticed that the disciples are focused and determined. There are many things that come at them in their journey, and yet they continue to preach the gospel. It just amazes me. I don't know if it is because our family is so fast pace we never now where we are at, so it can become hard for us to remain focused; all I do know is that their drive and determination is something to learn from.

So how is your life? Slow paced and easy going or fast lane excitement that requires some braking periodically to allow life to catch up?

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