Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thinkback

Here are some thoughts on this last week and the upcoming service:

  • That took amazing courage to share what the speakers shared on Sunday.
  • I respect the speakers so much for sharing their lives with the rest of us.
  • I am glad to be a part of a church that is made up of real people with real problems just like me, so that we can Love each other through the tough times.
  • I had an older gentleman who has been at the church a long time give me an amazing compliment on Sunday. Wow! I was not prepared for that, but God knew I needed it.
  • Worship was amazing. Those songs spoke to me so deeply on Sunday.
  • Sunday was an emotional day!
  • Did I mention I twitter? What a simple way to stay connected during the week.
  • Ok...Yes, sometimes my twittering is a distraction.
  • As we wrap up the Summer of Love series over the next couple of weeks, I know God is going to do some amazing things!
  • I don't want to miss a Sunday!

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