Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day!

Here are some thoughts I had through out the last day:
  • New Blog Post: Ridiculous Random thoughts of the day! tinyurl.com/5tuu8c
  • Playing Mr. Mom tonight. Doing some blogging during my quiet time.
  • Oh Yeah! Shhh...everyone is in bed.
  • New Blog Post: My Year Through the Bible...Meaningless tinyurl.com/6ptm6q
  • New Blog Post: Mr. Mom tinyurl.com/5bd687
  • Home playing Mr.Mom today. Right now at swim lessons...havin' fun with my boys.
  • autumn is feeling better...hangin with the boys...it is a good day!
  • Nice quiet evening at home...looking forward to it.
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