Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thinkback

Here are my thoughts on the weekend and the preparation for the upcoming weekend:

  • The 3 day weekend came just in time to get caught up on stuff around the house.
  • 3 days with my family was great.
  • I am sad for so many that couldn't be with their family this last weekend.
  • I had a great conversation with someone who just got back from a missions trip to Mexico...I realized I truly enjoy missions trips and miss being able to go.
  • Maybe I should prioritize some time/resources for a missions trip for next year.
  • How about that guest worship leader...not bad for an old guy! (ok...older than me...after all he is bald)
  • Jon preached a pretty darn good message.
  • I spent a couple of hours Saturday on the computer listening to worship music. That felt great.
  • I cancelled a trip so I could be at church this last Sunday. I missed going on the trip but glad I stayed.
  • We have some great things in the works for this fall. It is going to change the way we do church and how we look at church. I am excited.
  • I am listening to Casting Crowns right now...Who am I. In it he says "Who shall I fear, because I am yours?" If God is my strength than what do I need to fear? Anything?
  • I love my Church. I am so glad God brought us to this place!
  • I miss Pastor Dave's blogging. (hint..hint)

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