Monday, July 28, 2008

Paint Town

We are in the midst of a children relocation program. Currently, our two boys are sharing a room. We are in the process of separating them into separate rooms.

Why? Our boys play together very well for the most part. However, with homeschooling the boys, we felt that as they grow, it would be good for them to have their own space since they spend so much time together.

So, the last couple of weeks we have been clearing out the office and converting it back into a bedroom. We cleared out the room they are sharing and completely went through all toys, clothes, etc. to determine what they needed and didn't need. This way we were able to put back into the rooms only the things they want or needed.

We painted this last week, and this weekend the boys slept in their own rooms!

The boys are excited about the new adventure that is before them. Autumn and I are excited about the fact that the 2 days they have been separated they have wanted to keep their rooms clean. We will see how long this lasts!

As we finish up the boys rooms, Autumn and I are noticing the amount of "stuff" that we have accumulated and stored in the office. We have a lot of school supplies, I have a lot of "office stuff" (what ever that means) and generally the office became a collection point for things that couldn't fit anywhere else in the house; now this stuff is stacked throughout the house as we begin to find homes for it all (or get rid of some of it).

I got to thinking about this stuff and our lives as Christians. Everyday we accumulate stuff in our lives; some of it good (like memories with our family, promotions, worship time with God) and some of it bad (being offended [see this blog and this blog for more on this], loss of a family member, loss of job, feeling distant from God). Just like my office, if we don't do something with this stuff it will accumulate to a point that we don't know what to do with it (a feeling of being overwhelmed).

Had I not allowed that stuff to accumulate in our office, then I wouldn't have to worry about where to put it today. The same is true with our lives. If we keep from storing all the stuff in our lives, by giving it up to God each day, then we continually purge out the stuff we don't need to keep, which gives us room for the things we want (or need) to store from our lives.

So, now that we have finished purging out our office (and working on our lives)...what do you need to give to God? (I won't even ask about your office!)

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