Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mr. Mom

Do any of you remember the Michael Keaton movie, Mr. Mom? This came out in 1983!

I got to fullfill that role last night and today. Autumn has been sick...I'm not sure what it is, maybe overtired or maybe a touch of the flu...nonetheless, the last thing she feels up to doing is running a house and two boys.

When I got home last night, I did all the laundry and made dinner, got the boys bathed and in pajamas. I then got everyone comfortable on the couch with an episode of Star Wars.

After that, I got the boys to bed, Autumn to bed and then spent some quiet time to myself. I took this morning off from work to care for her and to spend time with the boys, take them to swim lessons, and all the fun things I usually miss out while at work.

Why do I bring this up? Why is this so significant? Well, I am happy. I am enjoying this time and am having fun doing it. Frankly, that has not always been the case in the past. I think I mentioned in a post early on in my blog that a lot of the time, I used to feel like Autumn getting sick was an inconvenience to my schedule. It just doesn't fit in with what I have planned.

As I mentioned in recent posts and also in yesterday's post, one of the greatest things I have been learning this year has been the simple Joy of following Christ. I have found great joy in just doing the things that used to be an "inconvenience".

Financially, we are in a really horrible spot right now. Not because of the housing market, or employment problems...but simply because of stupid mistakes that I have made for this family. However, I have never felt more joy with the things the Lord has blessed us with than I do right now. I am not worried or stressed about meeting our financial needs. I know (finally) that no matter what, God is there to meet my needs, to help me up when I stumble. He has shown that too me.

It is this excitement and joy in following Him, that has made taking care of Autumn so much fun. I am excited, and can't wait for what the Lord has for me next!

Pray for Autumn that she would regain her health and strength!

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