Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coffee with a friend

Almost every Monday, my friend and I meet for coffee after dinner at the local St. Arbucks! In fact, this Monday was no different.

We both have very busy lives (OK mine is busy, he is just always gone) and this gives us a chance to get caught up on the prior week. Share any prayer requests and the like.

We have both come to appreciate this "man time", especially on Monday which can be a very hectic day for both of us.

Tonight my friend asked me to give him a hand picking up a new desk and in exchange he bought me a cup of coffee from our favorite place...St. Arbucks!

That was just enough time to share with him about my blog post from this morning and to share some of the things God was showing to me.

I am blessed to have my friend and I appreciate his friendship very much. I wanted to share that with you for a very important reason.

You can be married, have children at home, be connected in a great church, be involved in activities at the church and in your community and feel completely alone. I know, because I did. There is something about having a friend (secondary to your spouse of course...and of the same sex as you) that you can hang with, talk about meaningful or meaningless stuff , or not talk at all. That is what a friend is about.

Let me encourage you if you are in a spot right now where you don't have that person, then begin praying that God would reveal that person to you. Every one needs a friend!

I feel good this evening...partly because of God's presence today and partly because of my friend! I hope you feel good too!

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Gena Larson said...

We all need at least one friend who can cherish, as well as challenge, us. I believe that your advice about asking God for that type of a friend is a great first step; however, when He provides that friend, we have to be willing to open up and trust. Lots of people are good at getting to the "friendly" stage, but stop short of the "transparent and transforming" stage. We miss out if we don't push through to trust.

Thanks for sharing.