Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's a Beth Moore Night

Every Wednesday night for 7 weeks, Autumn is participating in a Beth Moore Bible Study at the church. Of course, anyone who know what a Beth Moore study is like, knows that the work is all week long.

Every Wednesday, Autumn loads up and heads off to the church around 5:45pm. During this time, I am tasked with some minimal chores: clean up from dinner, get boys bathed and into pajamas.

Then the real fun begins. Of course, each week varies, but once the chores are done...bring on the fun!

One week, the boys and I loaded up and snuck out for some Ice Cream. There was another time, when we went and did some running around to pick up a few things.

Most of the time, we occupy our time with rewarding tasks like, playing Wii, or playing board games. The boys are really enjoying Thomas the Train Uno and To Bethlehem.

The best part about on one time with them. I have been blogging a lot lately about priorities, and the importance of time with your family. This is one great way for me to get a few hours of time with them and me.

We talk about a lot of things while we are playing games. It is usually silly stuff, or questions that I will never be able to answer...Daddy, why did God make dogs? Daddy, why was my brother born first? But here is the importance of this. With quantities of time spent with them, I increase the chances of that special quality time. Where we discuss the deeper questions of life as they grow up.

Let me encourage you, if you have kids. Spend as much times as possible with them! It will pay off in the end.

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