Monday, June 9, 2008

Stale Chips Ahoy

I was flying the other day on a "red-eye" flight, and thought I would pick up a late night snack from the news stand store before boarding the plane. Of course, cookies always make for great company when staying up all night.

About an hour into the flight, I felt the snack crave come on, so I grabbed my small box (personal size, of course) of Chips Ahoy cookies from my backpack. After 2 minutes of trying to open the "freshness saver" bag, I finally reached my cookies.

As I went for the first cookie, my hand was met with half cookie and half crumb. Being the patient understanding guy that I am, I brushed off the fact that I purchased these over-priced cookies, that I was expecting to enjoy as a whole cookie packed full of chocolate chips, were now powder in my hands. I grabbed the partial piece of cookie and bite in. It was then that I realized Chips Ahoy cookies probably don't move that fast in an airline news stand magazine store, and I probably shouldn't have bought them.

They were stale. I kept eating them.
In fact I polished off the whole box during my trip(personal size box, of course).

The truth is, the store personnel are focused on the sales of magazines, books and newspapers and less about the few boxes of cookies in the corner. As a result, the store probably didn't get around to rotating the stock, and as a result....I ate stale cookies.

How often is our relationship with God any different?

We get so distracted with things that "we think" are more important, and as a result of that our relationship with God can become stale.

We focus our time and energy on our finances. Stale. We worry about how we are going to get that big promotion. Stale. We try and figure out how we can get our kids to try harder. Stale.

Here's is the good news...unlike the news stand I visited...if we move our focus on the "me" stuff and put our focus on God...then all the rest will do better then we could have ever done on our own!

Be Careful! Don't let your Chips Ahoy become stale!

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