Monday, June 30, 2008

It doesn't matter!

As I am sure some of you know by now, I am the type that likes to analyze and debrief things so that I can learn from something and move forward. The problem with sometimes I like to over analyze or be overly critical of something if it isn't "our best".

That is what I started to do yesterday after church in reviewing the day. I began to look at all the little things that didn't go well through out the day. Then God hit me upside the head, and through a number of conversations I came to this doesn't matter!

Do you want to know what really matters:
  • We had service indoors, thanks to a huge team of people (not me) working late every night to make sure the sanctuary would be ready for sunday morning.
  • The sanctuary looks awesome and people were pumped (all the ones I spoke with or overheard) with the new look and excited to be there.
  • Worship rocked and the sound was great!
  • Pastor Dave delivered an awesome message!
  • 21 people gave their lives over to Christ.

Do we want to reflect and learn from our past and our mistakes. Sure. I think there is great value in debriefing after an event. However, I think it is important that in doing so, we don't loose sight of what is really important: People far from God, find God!

It doesn't get much simpler then that. If we accomplished that, and I think we did yesterday, then it was a great day! See ya next Sunday!

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