Thursday, June 19, 2008

Numbers Matter!

Do the numbers really matter?

Yes they do...err Yeck Ya!

I believe that the numbers matter. The key to this theory is what numbers are we looking at.

Does the weekly attendance number matter? It does if it is introducing the saving grace of Christ to someone who has never heard it before!

We hear Pastor Dave talk regularly about things that are going on at New Life. That EVERY week some is happening, and that you shouldn't miss 1 week.

It is true! Something is going on, and it isn't something is something GODinary!

Ok, so maybe that word didn't work, what I am saying is God is at work BIG time at New Life, and somethin' is a stirrin'...

Let me share a couple of numbers with you, and you decide if numbers matter.

This Sunday is Baptism Sunday (which my son is one of those getting baptized!)

Over 40 people are scheduled to be baptized...numbers matter!

Wednesday night, our women's group started a Beth Moore Bible study.

Over 70 women joined this bible study and showed up on Wednesday, with more scheduled to join...numbers matter!

Each week, anywhere from 5 to 35 people are finding the saving Grace of Jesus Christ and turning their lives over to Him...numbers matter!

I am excited to be a part of New Life, both as an attendee and as a ministry leader. I am excited to see people reached and lives saved, people baptized, and people growing in Him! Those are the numbers that matter!

Praise God! Don't miss Sunday and invite ALL your friends and family...I have a feeling something pretty spectacular is going to happen!


Joanne Reese said...

I will never look at numbers the same way again - you're right! Numbers should matter to us -- they surely matter to God.

joynim said...

I will never look at numbers the same way again. You are right, numbers should matter to us -- they most certainly matter to God!