Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thinkback

Well, I wanted to spend a few minutes looking back over the Sunday services, the follow-up and the preperation into this weekend. Here are a few thoughts I have:
  • The Worship rocked on Sunday. Even though Eli had a string dysfunction, you wouldn't know it, and they carried it off with no impact to the presence of God.

  • The message was sweet! Is it just me, or is Pastor Dave over the top on this series?

  • I have to miss next Sunday...that is just driving me crazy. I don't want to miss a single Sunday.

  • Mondays we spend some time "debriefing" from Sunday and figuring out what we can do better. I love being with Godly leaders, and to hear their hearts desires to want to constantly improve so that we can make it even easier for people to find Christ and His love during our service.

  • Did I mention worship rocked on Sunday?

  • We are headed outside for the next two know what that means: HOT!

  • Did I mention I get to be gone this Sunday at the lake, while it is HOT out?

  • One more week of Life Recovery, and then it is on to the Summer of Love series. How are we going to be able to top this series?

  • I am reading a book right now that is challenging me to really think outside the is driving me crazy, and creating excitement all at the same time.

  • Twitter is fun...but this week I feel like it is an interuption.

  • Tim is taking our videos to a whole new level. Thanks Tim! Sundays servolution video was cool...even if you took my interview "out of context"...(or did he!)...

  • Oh Yeah! Did I mention our worship rocked on Sunday?

Have a great worship experience this weekend. Remember: shorts, flip flops, lawn chairs, suntan lotion, hats, water, stuff for your kids, etc. are all acceptable this weekend. (Of course, around here they are always we want you here no matter how you show up...just so you show up!)

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